September 24, 2017

handstand in NosaraLeah is such a beautiful, wise, and authentic teacher. Her teaching is a potent blend of intention, healing, grace, laughter, and inspiring alignment cues. Her classes are directly applicable to life, both on the mat and beyond. Her alignment cues allow you to move deeper into those poses that challenge your emotional, physical, and spiritual boundaries, helping you to redefine your limits. I always leave her class full of more grace and transformative wisdom. I deeply admire Leah’s authenticity and ability to connect with each and every student she comes in contact with. It is from seeing Leah interact with her students in this way that I aspire to invoke this same quality in my own teaching. She is truly a beautiful and inspiring teacher and women.
-Laura Bunting

Leah is the embodiment of enthusiasm and joy. She shares her wisdom with us at the beginning of  every class so we can set a committed intention and then directs us gracefully into the asanas. She demonstrates clearly and I love how she walks the room and corrects us so we gain an awareness of where we can focus our efforts. She loves yoga and teaching and this is evident in her classes.

-Suzanne McNitt

Leah’s huge heart and giant smile helped me to overcome my nerves when I was beginning my practice. Without her warmth and inspiration I may never have stuck with a practice that is now an important part of my life.
-Charles Ferentchak

Leah, my most favorite and beautiful yoga moments have been in your class. Thank you for sharing your brightness.
-Jen Bahmeier

I love practicing with Leah! She is an incredible teacher who shines through her authenticity and always guides her students from the heart. Her knowledge of alignment is awesome and she has a great ability to connect with students through her own openness and vulnerability, allowing us to see how our everyday lives are yoga in action. She can cue even the most difficult poses to feel accessible to us all and most of all her classes and her energy are fun!

- Michelle Saab

Leah is a truly genuine teacher who weaves her wisdom and deeply therapeutic skill through every class. She always teaches from the heart and makes real connections with her students. I always leave her classes feeling inspired.
-Allyson Levine

Leah is an amazing teacher who I look forward to seeing all week. Her combination of passion, laughter, and personal experience elevates her to another level. I would highly recommend her to any student from beginning to advanced.
-Daniel Dale

“There’s an authentic beauty in the way Leah teaches that has resonated with me since I took my first class with her. She pushes you to strive for something greater and reminds you of the true essence of yoga—embracing who you are and letting that shine on and off the mat. She also reinforces the importance of a solid yoga practice as a way to face life’s challenges. Leah’s extensive training inspires trust in her ability to guide you through poses with a sense of integrity that builds strength, confidence and reminds you to keep a smile on your face along the way.”

-Ryan Peacock

Leah is full of heart and she is the absolute embodiment of flowing Grace in the currents of her heart. She is sincere, honest, dedicated and willing to transform her vulnerabilities into a vessel of pure gold. Leah has a great working knowledge of the Universal Principles of Alignment and a very palpable connection with the students heart to heart.
-Sianna Sherman