September 24, 2017

Welcome to my very first website! I am very grateful to Jesse Starr for helping me build it and to the very talented graphic artist Alison Cox for designing it! This website is a display of who I am as a yoga teacher and where you can come take yoga classes with me. Explore the tabs and leave your contact info!

For me, teaching yoga is a labor of love. While I commit myself to serving urban schools in Denver during the day, I continue to regularly practice and teach yoga at night and on weekends. Regardless of any brand or any teacher, my endeavors with the practices of yoga over the last decade have always offered me a friendly, mysterious and endless dose of contemplation and profound healing. I’m dedicated to sharing yoga because the great responsibility of teaching it brings me into my heart and I consistently feel rewarded when I connect with and help my students! Please enjoy the site and note the special events happening this weekend (Feb 25th and 26th) with me at Samadhi Center for Yoga!


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  • Greg (facebook.comengineersctc)

    How wonderful to see the progression of your yoga passion through this very nicely designed website. I wish you all success and can’t wait to drop in on another of your classes when I’m next in Cow Town! Uncle G

  • Bob Smilowitz (None...)

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Pat and I delight in your accomplishments. Most of all,though, we wish you all the good health and happiness that Yoga brings to you and all who practice with you.



  • janis Weiner

    please do send info for your workshops.

    Did you read the letter from John Friend?

    Hope you get your certification papers soon. It’s a wonderful practice and you are a great teacher!!

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